We are a young creative company that is continuously looking for new and timeless packaging, paper and accessories.

As a wholesaler we sell our products to stores and businesses.

So you can find us in many outlets in Belgium, the Netherlands and France .

Our prices can be stay low because we do our own import and export and everything is always in stock .

You can also get discounts for larger quantities or let make your own packagings and colors.


Sustainable, ecological and environmentally friendly are our values

Our products are divided among three divisions: Modern Trend - Sweets - Pure Nature

Modern Trend

Own set of boxes in different matrialen and beautiful colors.

Timeless and a basis for further work out with your own designs.

These products can be printed with one color or full color .

We can also wrap the lid boxes.

Stickers and labels can be created with its own design



We are distributors for JORIS confectionery .

So we can offer candy by color

JORIS is the last Belgian artisinale confectioners still working artisan .

The sweets are still made ​​with gum arabic and natural flavors and colorings.

A unique product that you once you've tasted it you will now te difference.

For more information www.joris-sweets

Pure Nature


All these products are 100% environmentally friendly and only made ​​with natural materials and colors.

Our felt is made ​​from the wool of the Yak and our boxes, bags , paper and envelopes are made from the fibers of the Loktaplant .

Just using ecological and sustainable materials from Nepal

where we only work with Fair Trade suppliers.


Fair Trade Group Nepal is a trading partnership that seeks greater equity in international trade .

It contributes to sustainable development by offering better trading conditions and securing the rights of the people .

We have direct contact with our local suppliers so we can check the working conditions of each workshop where our products are manufactured.

Fair Trade Group Nepal is a member of the World Fair Trade Organization

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